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Lady Gray is a small team of cannabis advocates and enthusiasts (with many of us having more than twenty years of friendship behind us) that have dreamed of making a career out of our love for the cannabis plant and the cannabis community. We have some interesting backgrounds that spread across not only the cannabis industry but photography, banking, construction, and nursing. We find it inspiring how cannabis brings us together and chuckle at the fact we’re really getting to do this! There is a literal Lady Gray. She has two adorable beauty marks above her lips and wore a nurses hat for over 40 years before retiring in 2018 (she’s volunteering now of course!). She’s been an amazing mother to me and I always found her compassion and care for other people while being a present parent and doting wife inspiring. As one of my best friends she was the first person I shared my plans with. When discussing a name, I wanted to give it a name that meant something personally and I wanted it to reflect some quality feminine values that would represent us lady cannabis lovers!


We are working every day to build a brand you can always rely on for high quality cannabis products but by state laws, we are wholesale only. Lady Gray can only sell to Alaska licensed retail cannabis stores (as of 2022 we’re in more than 50 dispensaries statewide, THANK YOU!). Send us an email to and we’ll gladly let you know what we have where! Please ask your favorite retail store if you don’t already see us on the shelves!


Besides being weed nerds, we’re a bit food nerdy too. We’ve done research and have found the best quality ingredients to incorporate into our medibles. We’ve tried to create a product that will satisfy every need in an authentic way no matter if it is for allergies, medical purposes, or simply preference. We’ve also tried to put care and thought into where we spend our money in regards to supporting our local economy, supporting other organic famers here and abroad, and fair trade practices with our gourmet chocolates. EAT GOOD FEEL GOOD. We’re here for you. Email us anytime at!

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